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The past recent weeks have been filled with many magical and sensational moments in the crypto currency world, starting with the explosive rise in some of the major cryptocurrencies (Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash,etc ) to the massive down fall of other cryptocurrencies (Ripple).

Dash has deemed it fit to surprise its users with a Christmas/ New year gift this year by announcing the launching of it’s long awaited “Dash Platform” on Testnet.

In the early hours of today, Dash Core Group Owner Dana Alibrandi posted an article stating that he is proud to announce the first release of Dash Platform on Testnet (a public test network that will developers to experiment with the functionalities of the platform ahead of full mainnet release)

According to Dana Alibrandi when Dash Platform was previously released to Evonet:

“This release to Evonet marks a significant milestone after years of concerted effort by Dash Core Group, as we designed, redesigned, and finally implemented the Evolution vision as it was originally conveyed. This release represents the early stages of a platform that aims to revolutionize value exchange and deliver on the promise of digital cash. The development team behind Dash Platform is driven to make development easy and accessible for everyone striving to realize the promise of blockchain. We look forward to your thoughts, comments, suggestions, and pull requests as the Dash DAO enters a new chapter in its history.”

Now, from the looks of things Dash is hours away from an explosive uptrend movement. Many analysts websites eg fx street have urged members to be on the look out for the upcoming events of Dash.

Question: What it’s this Dash Platform???

I know that many of us don’t even know what this Dash Platform is all about, ok let’s throw more light on this.

Answer: The concept of Dash Platform (Evolution) began in 2015. The project aims to provide a much more user-friendly experience to cryptocurrency society rather than what is presently available. It will do this by using a more user-friendly username and contact list in the DashPay wallet instead of long cryptographic addresses. It also aims to provide an easy solution for developers who are unfamiliar with blockchain technology to build decentralized applications for a variety of purposes. It will also make Dash more accessible to multiple devices with user accounts.

The release of Dash Platform to Testnet represents the first in a series of phases to test all aspects of its functionality prior to full mainnet which will be release by next year. This release will also help developers to be able to test the following actions:

-Connect to Dash Platform via DAPI
-Connect a 3rd Party Masternode to Dash Platform
-Create a Test Identity and Register a Test Name
-Fetch Identities and Resolve names
-Explore Dash Platform Name Service (DPNS)
-Discover Platform Code Repositories

In summary, The release of this Testnet version of Dash Platform has shown to the world that Dash means business in 2021, and this is of course a great boost to the Dash community.
The best is yet to come in 2021 for Dash.

Happy New Year, Dash Nation moves upwards and forward.


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