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Dash cryptocurrency, previously known as Darkcoin has officially released it’s latest Application update (Dash core version to the public (2020-11-14). All thanks to individuals like Dustinface (xdustinface), Oleg Girko (OlegGirko), PastaPastaPasta, and UdjinM6 who contributed directly to this release, as well as everyone that submitted issues and reviewed pull requests.

The release can be downloaded using this link:

This update is a new minor version release, that brings about various bug fixing and improvements so users can now enjoy the new core v0.16 without any glitches.

To report any further bugs use the issue tracker at github:

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Upgrading to the latest Dash Core v0.16.1.0

Below is the step-by-step procedure for updating your Dash core to the latest version.

–  Shut down the older version if its still running. Wait for it to completely shut down. This might take a few minutes for older versions.
–  Run the installer (if you are using windows) Or just copy over /Application/Dash-Qt (if you are a Mac user) Or dashd/Dash-qt (for Linux users)
–  Simple isn’t it?? YES

NB- when upgrading a versions below 0.13 or after DIP0003 upgrade you will have to reindex (start with reindex-chainstate or –reindex). This is to make sure your wallet has all the new data synchronized, also upgrading from version 0.13 should not require any additional action.

– When upgrading from a version prior to, the initial startup of dash core will run a migration process which can take a few minutes to finish.

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Downgrade alert !! (Must Read!🚨)

– Downgrading to a version older than is no longer supported due to a change in the “evodb” database format, therefore you will need to use an older version and you must either reindex or re-synch the whole chain.

– Downgrading of masternode will result to punishment/banning of outdated masternodes. Therefore downgrading is not recommended.

Notable changes for Dash Core version

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Network changes

Instantsend locks were not relayed correctly when another node was requesting update via the mempool p2p message. Some other internal optimizations were made to the way object requests
are executed and handled.

GUI fix         Ahanonu publications 2020

VERSION 0.16 UPGRADE will fix the following GUI (Graphical user interface) issues:

– Crashing of wallet if no valid GUI theme was found in settings (This happened for users upgrading from versions lower than v0.14).

– Randomly occurring front size scaling issues was fixed.

– Fragmenting of GUI layout when opening or closing SETTINGS while the application was on full screen /maximized window.

– Unexpected checkmark in the “Encrypt wallet” menu item on Linux and windows.

– Starting Dash Core compiled without wallet support or with Disabledwallet command line line leading to application crash.

RPC changes                  Ahanonu publications 2020

getwalletinfo” shows wallet rescan duration and progress now.


Dash core v0.16.1.0 has brought stability and enhaced performance to users of Dash.

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