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Dash has entered an extremely busy and productive period in its development, with three news items arriving in rapid succession. The culmination of these news items will render the already high level of Dash functionality even more accessible and easy-to-use. The Dash Core Group, who is the Dash decentralized autonomous organization’s largest contractor, has released the latest in a series of upgrades designed to bridge the gap between the current Dash network and the next-generation Dash Platform. In addition to that, two large-scale integrations have been announced in the last couple of days: The integration of Dash into LocalCryptos, and the addition of Secure Digital Markets as a high-end liquidity provider for entry and exit of the Dash network.

Dash Platform’s on the horizon: Dash Core new version 0.16 released

In a blog post, the Dash Core Group announced the long-awaited v0.16 is ready to be deployed on mainnet. Among some technical improvements in this new version, this is a major release due to the economic aspects of the Dash block reward system being adjusted to optimize the current dynamic between masternodes, miners, and the treasury. As miners have been affected by this change, it will be interesting to see if and how long it will take for the miners to signal their support for this new version. All eyes in Dash Nation will be on the miners for the next little while. After that situation resolves, the Dash network will find itself that much closer to the ultimate goal of activating Dash Platform as a second layer on top of the main Dash network.

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Huge news: LocalCryptos has activated Dash on their platform

In excellent news for people who wish to buy or sell Dash, or simply want to try out its amazing payments experience, LocalCryptos has officially integrated Dash into its offerings. This move was announced quite a while ago, but only became active now. The integration will make it easier for a large amount of people to access Dash, so the community onboarding opportunities are even greater now.

Ernesto Contreras, Head of Business Development at Dash Core Group, expresses his excitement for this integration in this way:

“To have Dash as a trading option in the most popular decentralized peer to peer marketplace globally is a huge step for Dash, and it gives a massive boost to our growth efforts in Latin America, especially in Venezuela. Now Venezuelan senders can deposit money in Colombia, USA, Chile or any other country and trade them for Bolivars in Venezuela; which closes the loop on one of our adoption plans for the country. This will also enable any of the thousand merchants in the country to cash out their Dash if they decide, so this partnership grows in value in many ways.”

Institutional trader? Secure Digital Markets adds Dash

Secure Digital Markets is an institutional OTC trading desk that allows institutional investors to get the best deals with the tightest margins for large trades. They claim to have processed over 2 billion in trades in their existence, and now will offer their services for the Dash network. This is exciting because it exposes Dash to a new high-end clientele that they did not have before.

David Shafrir, CEO of Secure Digital Markets, had this to say of this important partnership:

“We’ve been following Dash’s growth story for years and SDM is thrilled to join Dash’s ecosystem. Adding Dash to SDM’s portfolio of digital assets significantly broadens the trading desk’s offering to our clientele. While continually supporting SDM’s ethos of uncovering value in the market and helping our client’s identify unique opportunities outside of Bitcoin.”

How does all this impact Dash?

The three recent news items impact the Dash network in many ways. With Dash Core v0.16, new functionalities and economically competitive advantages are introduced, which will not only add to Dash’s technical prowess, but also its ability to compete as a store of value in the markets. With LocalCryptos and Secure Digital Markets, new communities of traders are going to be introduced to Dash for possibly the first time. As we’ve seen in the past, once Dash gets past the seeming blackout of information about it in the general cryptosphere and asserts itself a bit as an option, people giving it a chance are pleasantly surprised.

The combination of technical and economic advancements, and the introduction of Dash to two varied but equally important markets should pay dividends for Dash in the near and not so near future. It’s becoming more and more exciting to be a part of this journey!

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