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Dash Platform (code-named Evolution), is Dash’s next-generation technology. Today, the Dash Core Group announced that it is one step closer to mainnet release with the launch of v0.15 on Dash’s Evonet, a sort of pre-testnet.

Why is it a big deal?

Consider that Dash already offers some of the best transaction quality in the industry, with nearly instantaneous speed, Fort Knox-level security, and optional privacy for those with sensitive needs. Well, Dash Platform will take all of that and pair it with a user experience that’s as easy to use as PayPal or Venmo. What does that mean? Centralized companies can offer a seamless user experience because they control the process from start to finish with a centralized database.

While that provides some measure of convenience and usability, it also means that there is one single point of failure for downtime and even worse, personal data hacks. What’s more, a centralized company will always be able to tell you when, where, and how you can access and spend your funds. What if you could take everything that makes the centralized experience so convenient and user-friendly, but eliminate those bad aspects? That’s what Dash Platform will do.

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Dash’s second-tier masternode network will host Dash Platform which has three main aspects: A decentralized API for worldwide access to your accounts, a decentralized Dash Drive that will store information needed for decentralized applications, and a Dash Platform Name Service that will enable human-readable usernames and contact lists that we’re all familiar with. What results from all that for the end user will be a slick, easy to use interface, accessible from anywhere, using the silky-smooth Dash network and transactions, with little to no chance of hacks and 0% downtime. See why Dash Nation is so excited?

Dash Platform v0.15 hits Evonet

Announced today by Dash Core Group Product Manager Dana Alibrandi, version 0.15 contains a host of usability improvements that mainly interest developers. Keeping developers happy, though, is a big priority for the Dash Platform team as they will be the ones creating decentralized applications for use on the platform after mainnet launch. One only has to look at the development frenzy on the Ethereum network to understand the benefits of keeping developers engaged. If you are a developer who would like to learn more about how to build dApps on Dash Platform, please visit the Dash Devs Discord:

Improvements such as easier development tools, better ways to keep the different versions in line, tinkering with the Dash Platform name service, and more mark this release as the most comprehensive version yet.

Ryan Taylor recently tweeted that there will only be three more Evonet releases until a testnet release by the end of the year, so it’s time to dream about the possibilities. And if you’re a blockchain developer, what are you waiting for? Get in on the ground floor of something big and make your mark with your own Dash decentralized application!

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