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Dash, since its launch, has been intentional in habitually striking partnerships between the crypto currency and several platforms and services; partnerships which spark bullish performances of Dash. It’s no news that Latin American market has been a major player in the adoption of Dash as the ideal currency for trade and commerce, various partnerships have been struck between Dash and major players in the financial and trade ecosystem, one of such partnerships is between Dash and OrionX.

What is OrionX?

OrionX is the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in Chile with over fifty thousand users, more than twenty open markets, and over thirty million USD in trading volume. OrionX is on the forefront of cryptocurrency trading and adoption in Chile and has been in the industry for over three years. After promulgating laws that give legality to cryptocurrency use and exchange in Chile at the beginning of the second quarter of 2020, the minister of finance Felipe Larrain has ordered banks in the country to open their accounts to cryptocurrency exchanges. This move by the Chilean government has made it possible for the exchange of local currency, pesos; for various kinds of crypto currency and their subsequent use for trade in the open market. OrionX has been a major player in this field and is the go-to exchange and trading platform for crypto enthusiasts in the country.

InstantSend now on OrionX for Dash traders

Dash till date boasts of being one of the fastest, safe and easy to use cryptocurrencies ideally suited for trading and commerce, reaching transaction speeds of less than 2 seconds. This is possible because of the innovation called InstantSend, a technology made possible by the unique masternode layer of the Dash blockchain. With Instant Send, the possibility of using a cryptocurrency in day-day trade is not only feasible but practical, as Dash traders have the advantage of exploiting arbitrage opportunities faster than their counterparts, and buyers using Dash can purchase goods and utilities with ease and safety of transaction.

The partnership between Dash and OrionX that existed before will now have this terrific feature added to the OrionX platform. OrionX Dash traders will now be able to acquire Dash through the Dash-Chilean Peso trading pair. The Orion X team will launch an education scheme in the coming weeks alongside DASH and ONG Bitcoin Cash, to educate Chileans on this new development. Dash prizes of up to two thousand USD will be up for grabs in a trading competition.

Speaking on the partnership, Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group stated that “the integration with OrionX greatly improves Dash’s footprint in Latin America, and allows users to access Dash throughout Chile and other Latin American countries. The integration also supports our growth strategy in the two segments most relevant for the region: Traders benefit from Dash’s fast deposits and withdrawals. The 600,000+ Venezuelans living in Chile can access Dash to send financial support to their relatives back home for much less than traditional remittance services. These are the aspects that make this partnership stand out, and gives us confidence that it will support the growth of Dash in the region”.

Like Ryan Taylor remarked, the integration of Instant Send into the partnership between Dash and OrionX would make trading in Dash easy, safe, fast and with little operating costs. This move consolidates Dash as the number one trade digital currency in the continent.

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