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All around the globe, it’s no surprise that DASH has been networking, fostering partnerships that help in the growth of this digital currency. An Asian-based business development outfit supporting Dash called Dash Next has extended their already existing partnership with analytical block chain monitoring platform PARSIQ.

What’s PARSIQ all about?

PARSIQ is a team of experienced and highly trained professionals in the block chain industry that are passionate about blockchain technology. They provide various tools for analyzing several blockchain protocols and in detecting and preventing cryptocurrency-related fraud. They also monitor blockchain infrastructures, integrating them into existing businesses and provide additional layer of automation for blockchain specific asset management. They also provide a framework which connects blockchain activity to off-chain apps and devices.


Aims of the partnership

The aims of this partnership between Dash Next and PARSIQ is to facilitate the monitoring of DASH related transactions done on its blockchain by providing real time Dash payment notifications through “Smart Triggers” provided by PARSIQ. This is an advantageous proposition to businesses looking to use Dash for their transactions, as each and every transaction is recorded and the proprietor of such business is notified in real time. Its also very useful to ordinary users of Dash to monitor transactions from their wallet addresses, effectively eliminating cryptocurrency-related fraud.

The PARSIQ software suite also offers risk scoring, market data, and forensics which are all accessible from one interface. Not only is Dash doing its best to increase market adoption of the currency, but with this partnership, its also trying to make the Dash currency and environment a safe, fraud-free blockchain on which businesses can work.

Features of the PARSIQ software suite

  • TOOLS: The software suite has various tools that are of great use to both large businesses and small startups who base their finances on cryptocurrency. You can track millions of transactions on various block chains through a single click. You can customize simple triggers to dictate how and when you receive notifications on information concerning currently tracked transactions. There is also added risk scores information based on monitoring of charts and data from the various blockchains.
  • EASY-TO-USE INTERFACE: the suite allows you freedom whether as a small business startup, individual, or large business; to maneuver through information about block chain transactions in order to guard against malicious attacks and fraud.

What this means for Dash

Dash users who purchase the PARSIQ software suite would be rewarded with up to 226,000 of the PARSIQ native PRQ token after creating smart triggers. This software suite confers on Dash extra security, and a user friendly interface to monitor trade in this innovative digital currency. With this software, bearing in mind the ease of use and transaction speeds of Dash, it bodes an attractive option for businesses looking to base their operations on cryptocurrency; the overall ripple effect would lead to spikes in adoption rates of Dash.

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