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Advertising is a typical tool that businesses use to get the attention of potential customers, so that they can buy products or services that the businesses have to offer. Marketing and advertising has evolved throughout history. Today social networks are an excellent way to show customers everything businesses have to offer. Undoubtedly, this method is widely used because it allows small and large companies to make themselves known within the market in which they enter.

Taking that into account, several businesses in Venezuela began to promote their products on social media by offering different payment methods. They let people know that they could use the cryptocurrency Dash to access their products quickly and easily. The main benefit they can offer with Dash is significant discounts. Everyone likes saving money, so offering discounts allows businesses to attract new customers regardless of whether or not they’re familiar with cryptocurrency.

The Dash Mall and Parking organization

Dash Mall and Parking was the creator of a campaign that invited different businesses to enable the use of Dash as a safe and fast payment method. It was a great success, with many businesses signing up.

dash mall and parking

This new advertising campaign from Dash Mall and Parking is the second in less than 5 months. The first campaign was carried out in April of this year in Mérida, Venezuela. It resulted in the addition of 5 stores such as It’s me Boutique, Medias Celular, Picos Burger, Dolce and Bake and Boho Store. This was a great success for Dash within the Merida market. In fact, Dash Mall and Parking recruited stores in the state of Zulia and other regions as well. They also implemented the delivery of brochures and other tools that helped provide the necessary information to all kind of users.

Benefits for consumers

The use of Dash allows consumers to get more products for a lower price, compared to the use of the Bolivar or the dollar. Also, in some cases you get bigger discounts for buying more. To be sure, this cryptocurrency offers a secure and reliable payment system, allowing people to make payments from the comfort of their home. In these days where we must be careful because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all these benefits are amazing and unique.

Also, there are companies that accept payment with Dash through a text message with Dash Text. This benefits customers because it’s easy and fast, and benefits the businesses by having happy customers. Through this option, people get the best of service with a speed that no other cryptocurrency can provide.

Benefits for small and big companies

Companies receive Dash as a method of payment instantly, and they maintain the value received because Dash’s inflation is minimal, and its value tends to trend upwards. Receiving Bolivars for payments is rife with problems such as banking friction and constant downward pressure their value, directly affecting profits of the companies. In fact, when companies accept the Bolívar as a payment, many of them take the decision to immediately exchange them to dollars.

But receiving dollars in cash is also a disadvantage for them because the dollar bill is difficult to obtain. In some cases they can’t offer change to the customer, forcing the customer to cancel. This causes discomfort and ill will on the part of the customer.

Dash avoids that, providing a simple payment method that satisfies both the business and the customer. It creates a prosperous and beneficial exchange, and if enough people learn this, economic growth will become easier.

Growth is expected to continue

Dash has become a strong payment method that has allowed Dash Mall and Parking to attract many new merchants through new proposals and strategies that are focused on their recruitment. Dash helps those businesses to promote themselves in the area where they are developing and selling their product.

Mérida is the city where we are pioneering this productive strategy. Its citizens get to enjoy many products and services that companies offer by using Dash’s smooth payment and usage discount incentives. Dash is expanding in an unstoppable way here, becoming the method payment preferred by Venezuelans. Here’s to Dash Mall and Parking’s second marketing campaign being as successful as the first!

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