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On Friday, September 18, 2020, the Dash Core Group, in partnership with Amanda B. Johnson, released the first installment of a video series aiming to explain the intricacies of the upcoming Dash Platform. The video is entitled “Dash is Becoming a Cloud”, and it can be viewed here:

Dash Platform is turning Dash into a cloud

In the video, Amanda B. Johnson noted that while Dash has been a leader in blockchain technology with many enhancements to speed, security and scalability, said basic blockchain technology would not be enough to compete with the various payments options and incentives we have today. Rewards programs, contact lists, and easily accessible accounts have traditionally been the domain of centralized entities.

With the upcoming launch of Dash’s next-generation software and ecosystem, this will no longer be the case. By turning Dash into a cloud, developers around the world will be able to make any programs available to centralized companies, but make them on a decentralized blockchain.

dash platform

The real DeFi

We all know that decentralized finance is the buzzword right now. Fact is that Dash will actually achieve this standard with Dash Platform. In the video, Ms. Johnson outlined four aspects of this new system that will enable Dash to become a cloud and take the cryptocurrency experience to the next level. These will all be detailed in future videos, to be released weekly:

  • A decentralized API: This takes the smooth user experience of centralized ecosystems and enables them in a decentralized fashion. Think of the PayPal app on your cellphone. Dash will be capable of a similar feel, only permissionless with no central point of failure.
  • Dash Drive: This will allow all kinds of data to be held on the blockchain, enabling all kinds of secure applications to be built on top of it.
  • Dash Platform Name Service: This will allow usernames and identities to be possible on the Dash blockchain. They will be highly customizable, and will allow for simple identification of entities on Dash Platform.
  • DPP (Dash Platform Protocol): The nuts and bolts on how the whole system works. More information on this aspect will be provided in a future video.

All of these aspects will combine to offer a myriad of potential financial applications, all running on a decentralized platform. The real DeFi, and it comes from an original, long-standing crypto.

Exciting times for Dash

We look forward to the staggered release of this video series, but we look forward even more to the actual release of this software. The sky is really the limit for Dash, and blockchain developers from all over the world should learn about how to contribute to this new technology.

To learn more about Dash Platform, here are some resources:

Dash Official Site:
Developer Discord –
Dash Platform Dev Documentation –
Dash Core Github –
Dash Platform Github –

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