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Editor’s note: This is the first in Dash Nation’s sampling of governance posts in our various forums. Dash’s governance system is unique in the digital currency space, and we have ups and downs. This is a post by Dash Embassy DACH proposal owner Jans Heinrich Meyer informing the masternode owners of his thoughts and what he thinks about the continuation of his proposal. Hope you enjoy this glimpse into the heart of our proposal system.

Hello Dash community!

Dear masternode owners,

I want to give you a short update about our future plans. Before I start with the outlook, I want to inform you about some major changes in our organisation. But first of all, I want to thank you for funding us during the last cycle. This funding allowed us to pay for liabilities from July and August and saved us from running into insolvency and private debts.

Due to the financial uncertainties of the past two months I decided to cancel almost all contracts we had. This includes the office, associations, contractors and employees. All employees, including Sidem. I offered Sidem to continue working for the Embassy as a freelancer, but he declined due to private reasons. This and the fact that the network doesn’t want us to execute the activities based on the strategy document we have been working on for the last five months, puts me in a very difficult situation, because:

1. I lost my most important employee.

2. The network doesn’t want me to do what (from my perspective) would be best for the network.

Because we haven’t received a lot of feedback on our Q3 proposal, neither in public channels, nor in private messages, nor via the survey we created, I can’t really tell why we have been defunded in the first place. Maybe our planned activities were ahead of time, which means that we wanted too much too early. Maybe we were not able to explain the reasons behind the planned activities as they were very comprehensive and because of that they may have been too complex. Maybe there is an issue connected to our region, because I know that some of the decision makers in the network think that Dash should focus on high-inflationary markets mostly. Maybe it was the amount of Dash we asked for, even though we had a higher ask in the beginning of this year. As said, unfortunately, I can’t tell what has caused the initial defunding, because only a few people gave us detailed feedback on our proposal.

That being said I don’t think that an adjusted and scaled down scope of the Embassy and a budget that is cut down to a minimum will help Dash to grow in our region anymore. Doing some basic stuff without any budget feels like a drop of water on a hot stone to me.

dash embassy dach

I’m a person that likes to fight and I’m a person that likes to succeed. I like to fight for freedom, equality and success. This is why I started to work for Dash back in 2017. I had ambitious plans, I made mistakes and I learned a lot during this journey and I succeeded to a certain extent. I always stood up and adjusted the activities of the Embassy after we have been defunded, but this time it feels different. It feels like based on my experience of three years working for Dash and based on the intensive research we did for five months I know what needs to be done to increase our success, but it also feels like the network does not allow me to achieve this success and instead forces me to ground my guns.

The worst thing about this is that from my perspective this didn’t happen by purpose. I believe it happened because most of the participants in the network did not pay enough attention to what we created and did not do a detailed review of our strategy document, so most of the decision makers were not able to make a well-founded decision.
As a consequence of this very unsatisfying situation I decided to scale down the Embassy to a level which allows me to get a regular job. This means that I won’t work for Dash in full time anymore. I will start a new job as Head of Business Development beginning on 15th of September.

At the same time I believe that discontinuing all activities in our region might harm Dash’s international reputation and this is exactly the opposite of what I want. I really hope that the interest of the network for our region and for our work might increase again, when the price of Dash increases, which would cause an increased budget of the DAO and by that allow us to operate in the way we think would be best.

In the meantime Nils Hermann (aka Orion) and I will try to find a solution that allows us to keep the Embassy running and not let Dash go completely. We definitely want to keep up social media marketing, blog post translations from DCG, Influencer-Marketing and PR. Of course I will not miss out on any business development opportunity, but I will not do active business development anymore, because, as described in our strategy document, it is a waste of time and money to do business development if we can’t combine business development with proper marketing activities. Right now I can not tell in which way we will be moving forward, but I can assure you that my new position will not be of disadvantage for Dash.

As always I’ll be happy to receive feedback in every way and I hope that you will understand the decisions made based on the situation I’m in.

Thank you for your time,


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  1. sasababy September 1, 2020 at 8:10 pm

    I personally think that due to the low price and insufficient budget, the master node believes that it cannot continue to support certain uncertain proposals. Perhaps in the future, if the price of the dash will rise, your team will continue to receive network support.

    • Christopher Carruthers September 1, 2020 at 9:32 pm

      Yes, I hope they do, because I feel that we should not ignore the first world markets.

  2. Christopher Carruthers September 1, 2020 at 1:53 pm

    That’s too bad, Jans, I really felt you guys were doing a great job. If we can’t keep up the scope you wanted now, maybe as you said we could do more when there are more budget funds at our disposal.

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