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The video game industry is a business that has brought economic benefits to most who have ventured into it. This industry is undoubtedly one of the most profitable when people make an investment in it.

The different video game companies have added several technological advances allowing the player to live an experience that every day becomes even more real.

Dash continues its expansion throughout that market, and has made an alliance with the gaming company ReadyRaider so that users can enjoy the best virtual experience through the use of the best cryptocurrencies available today in the market.

Who are ReadyRaider?

ReadyRaider is an eSports platform from which you can play famous games such as Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Clash of Clans, among others.

In an interview, its CEO and Founder Jacob Ballou explained the following:

“ReadyRaider” recently launched our new esports engine, which allows players around the world to compete and create leagues in addition to the traditional tournaments hosted by our team. We look forward to advancing this offering by completing the integration of our native Dash-based payment system. The new integrations will offer a modern alternative to other platforms for gamers around the world, and will bring the possibility of winning money through friendly and professional sports payouts to all players in the world. In addition to sports payments, we will also launch our entire marketplace and other outlets to spend your winnings. This complete system will offer an unbeatable experience ”.


Videogames join the digital age with cryptocurrencies

Undoubtedly, technology has provided endless alternatives for humanity to go through experiences that add to their personal growth. The fun that video games offer is undoubtedly essential to create close relationships between family and friends.

Dash has become a cryptocurrency that wants to prove itself in different markets. This union with ReadyRaider’s platform of video games will allow the user who already knows Dash to acquire payments through video games. Those who don’t know about Dash will get exposure to the best cryptocurrency on the market.

Dash is one of the first digital currencies to fully enter this market, offering solutions for many users who want a better strategy when it comes to increasing their income.

Alliance between Dash and ReadyRaider

The alliance began to develop in September, when ReadyRaider sent a formal proposal to the Dash DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). This request had as its main idea to further advance the integration of crypto-based payments through its continuously growing platform.

ReadyRaider has been a platform that has used Dash as a payment method for many of its activities: paying for events and premium services among others, due to its low prices and the borderless status enjoyed by cryptocurrencies. Jacob Ballou, CEO of ReadyRaider added that:

“I have remained a public advocate for Dash for some time, offering time and resources to advance the benefits and visibility of the network. The ReadyRaider team is ecstatic to complete this historic binding partnership with the Dash Investment Foundation. We look forward to scaling the platform along with the new features that are being released by the Dash developers. ”

Without a doubt, this shows a great admiration of Dash, and he is one more example for the rest of us reflecting on all the benefits that Dash can bring with his application.

Dash once again seeks to offer its useful services to new customers, to new users. Thanks to this powerful alliance, video games will be a big part of Dash Nation.

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