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Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor, the leader of the Dash decentralized autonomous organization’s largest development contractor, took to Twitter on Friday afternoon to provide some much anticipated updates. In a series of tweets, he informed the community that the next iteration of Dash’s software will be hitting testnet imminently.

Version 0.16 of Dash’s core software will include many enhancements, and will feature the new block reward allocation that has been discussed at length in the Dash community and approved in a recent governance vote. Mr. Taylor indicated that the product brief will be updated early next week, and there was only a few odds and ends to clear up before we will see a testnet release.

He also was quite confident that this newest release candidate for version 0.16 should not take that long on testnet as it has been tested thoroughly by the Dash Core Group’s internal development team. Good news for those in Dash Nation who love to stay engaged and update their software!

Mr. Taylor ended the tweet thread by stating for those who may have been growing impatient that DCG deliberately held off releasing prior versions of v0.16 because of the recent masternode governance vote pertaining to Dash’s block reward allocation change. From Dash Core version 0.16 moving forward, the block reward will be gradually shifted in favor of masternodes because of the impact these have on Dash’s operations.

But, the leader of Dash’s largest contracting team wasn’t done there, as he dropped some other hints of future developments for Dash Nation to look forward to. Dash Platform, Dash’s next level technology that will render the Dash experience as easy to use and accessible as PayPal or Venmo, is ramping up with a new version release, v0.15. Expect a formal announcement on that soon. He also informed us of the fact that he sees only three more Evonet releases of Dash Platform until it will be ready for a testnet release! Got my fingers crossed on that one.

And, to top off the Twitter update storm, Mr. Taylor also hinted at an upcoming major announcement involving several exchange partners. There’s never a dull moment in Dash Nation!

Are you happy with the progress of Dash Core Group, Dash Nation? Let us know in the comments. One thing’s for sure, after a long period of not much communication, Dash Core Group has stepped up their game big time in that department. Thanks for the updates, Ryan!

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