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Indispensable, beautiful, intelligent, creative, independent, fighters, careful of every detail are some of the characteristics that define women!

Their constant and excellent performance in the areas in which they operate, are, without a doubt, of great impact in the world and in the life of all of us. We can’t imagine a world without women. Nowadays, they are the face of our economic future and boosters of entrepreneurship to obtain optimal financial freedom. This new characteristic joins the extensive list that describes the female gender in the world.

Wirex and the Fintech Times create “Rising women in Crypto”

This initiative, powered by Wirex, aims to enhance female power within the digital economic market and celebrate their performance in crypto fields that are rarely recognized for their incredible achievements.

These fields are mostly dominated by the male gender, so this initiative was created with the idea of ​​highlighting the work of hundreds of women who contribute their ideas to the digital world.

The nomination list includes women with a variety of experiences and diverse backgrounds, and who occupy different positions from the lowest, intermediate, reaching executive positions. Within that list the variety of nationalities stands out, since women of more than 50 countries around the world work in the technology, finance, legal, journalism and design sectors, to name a few.

Dash mall and parking representing Venezuela, putting its name on high

Venezuela and Dash has a representative within this select list of female entrepreneurs: Yoana Castillo, CEO of Dash Mall and Parking, received a nomination. Without a doubt, a well-deserved award for all the effort, dedication and promoted that she has provided for Dash within of the Latin American country.

As a Venezuelan writer, I am proud and honored to write this article for Yoana Castillo. She is a perfect example of what the Venezuelan woman represents: her strength, perseverance, discipline, intelligence, courage, mettle and dedication make her a role model for all women, and describes exactly what Venezuelan women are, and why they wish to fight every day, and that’s to get optimal and unquestionable financial freedom.

Dash Mall and Parking continues to reap achievements within its journey in Venezuela, this is undoubtedly one of the most important and outstanding things to say about them.

I’m really proud about their work, effort and compromise with Dash and Venezuelan people. They are a perfect example for all of us. And represent our effort to achieve our goals.

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