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Worldwide, one of the most important, recognized and strong markets is undoubtedly the United States market. This country is recognized for having an economy that serves as an example and guide for other nations.

The United States is a superpower, and it deserves to have within its digital market a cryptocurrency that is up to the task of offering a great service for payments. In 2021, and after having had a productive and powerful 2020 across several markets around the world, Dash reaches the US market through an alliance with Craypay.

Alliance with the Craypay platform

In United States, the Craypay rewards platform is one of the most functional and known by users in this country. So, Dash through Dash Investment Foundation (DFI) made an investment in its mobile payment platform. A new standalone Dash version of Craypay’s platform will now be built so Dash users can spend and save with the mobile app.

According to a statement released by Dash, users will now be able to make purchases at at least 155,000 retail stores and 75 websites.

Among the benefits that this alliance will bring to all users is that they’ll be able to enjoy up to a 10% discount on their bills. Besides, there will be bigger bonuses for all Dash customers, due to the fact that Dash’s transaction fees are very low. In addition, the Dash Core Group promises to include more retail businesses in this payment app. As of this news, Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor, through his Twitter account said:

“They are negotiating with other retailers that they hope to add to their list very soon. Users will not only have access to more spending opportunities for their Dash, but they can save much more than they could pay with a cash back credit card, which provides a strong incentive to use Dash with as often as possible.”

The positive reactions from Craypay were swift and Craypay CEO Marshall Greenwald was excited to partner with Dash. Ensuring that Dash is the best option for low cost instant payments on their platform.

“Dash’s InstantSend technology (instant payments) eliminates chargeback risks, allowing Craypay to instantly authorize payment to our trading partners.”

How will Dash be used in its Craypay-like app?

Through an explanatory video published on Dash’s YouTube channel, all users will be able to follow step by step the method to make payments quickly, easily and without cards, as the only condition the user needs a smartphone and download the app of Craypay so they can start enjoying the benefits of Dash in Craypay.

To make payments, the user must enter the invoice to be paid in the application. Then, it generates a gift card for the amount of the purchase, which is shown to the cashier where the purchase is made. By using this form of payment, monthly savings in cryptocurrencies can be made taking into account the instant savings.

Craypay offers a security level full of advantages such as if the user loses their phone, there is no way for another person to use the application, since a facial identification system or fingerprint identification is used to access it. Finally, the digital wallet does not store credit or debit card information on the phone or in its systems.


A great start to the year for Dash

The US market is now a Dash territory, Americans will be able to enjoy through this alliance one of the cryptocurrencies that has brought so much joy other continents such as Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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