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In Venezuela, the telephone companies Movistar and Digitel have dominated the user’s preference since the beginning of their operations in this country. This is due to the excellent service they offer, their high quality, long-range signal and data plans with prices adjusted to reality. Such characteristics undoubtedly make these companies preferred by users.

Different authorized Movistar and Digitel stores are scattered throughout the country,  visited by many buyers day after day, who seek the best of the services that the telephone market offers through these companies.

It is very interesting how the current market forces the user to acquire a cell phone to fulfill its day-to-day functions, since nowadays, a world without smartphones can not be imagined.

However, in Venezuela, the economic crisis has worsened to the level that cell phones of any company have become inaccessible for users in this country. Also, the prices in the country have been dollarized and that makes it even more difficult to acquire products.


Beginnings of Movistar and Digitel in Venezuela

Firstly, it’s important and necessary to briefly talk about the beginning of these two companies within Venezuela.

Movistar, whose legal name is Telefónica Venezolana C.A., was born on April 6, 2005 after the purchase of the assets of BellSouth, previously known as “Telcel”. It is a telecommunications service provider, a subsidiary of the Spanish group Telefónica. Movistar offers different mobile and landline services, mobile Internet, and digital TV. It also offers corporate solutions to companies and small and medium-sized industries. Currently, Movistar is a company that covers a fairly large number of users throughout the country.

About Digitel, it’s one of the main telecommunications services companies in Venezuela. It is the third operator in number of users (after Movilnet and Movistar), concentrating 16% of the total. Its history began in 1999, when Digitel decided to launch GSM to the Venezuelan market. Among its characteristics is the technology that it proposed for the use of SIM cards. During the year 2000, it launched a text messaging service, which at the time represented the greatest advance with respect to other companies in the market. Two years later, Digitel TIM signed interconnection agreements for their text messaging platform with the companies Telcel and Movilnet.

Digitel was the first to use 4G technology in Venezuela. Today Digitel has a wide portfolio of clients, an established platform which provides security and confidence to the entire population.

Dash’s alliance with Movistar

Dash, always at the forefront of technology, partnered with Movistar in Venezuela, providing help for users in this community, and allowing them to acquire devices with Dash in the different authorized stores located in cities and municipalities in Venezuela.

There are authorized Movistar stores in Caracas, Maricaibo, and Mérida that allow payment with Dash to acquire any device, or enjoy all the services that Movistar offers.

San Francisco, Cabimas, and Ciudad Ojeda municipalities in Zulia State also offer users several strategic points where they can find facilities with Movistar through Dash, using this innovative digital currency as a secure payment method to get excellent cellphones.

Dash’s alliance with Digitel

Recently, the authorized Digitel store CKX CELULLAR (located in Mérida) joined the Dash family. This alliance between CKX and the purveyors of digital cash creates an easier option for all users to acquire mobile devices through Dash’s easy payment system. This a great step for the consolidation of Dash acceptance within Digitel, creating a precedent for a future expansion towards more of its authorized stores scattered throughout the country.

Movistar and Digitel improve their services thanks to Dash

For these companies it’s important that users enjoy their innovations in telephones and services, and taking into account the precarious situation in the country, Dash is a solution for users to acquire the devices in a simple, safe and secure way.

Other benefits include being able to cancel devices and phone plans, recharge the balance by canceling with Dash, and use Dash Text as a payment method.

Today, the acquisition of a mobile phone isn’t a luxury, it’s become a necessity. Dash offers the possibility of obtaining Movistar and Digitel products, demonstrating, once again, its reach within the Venezuelan market. Dash is not only a solution, it’s a friendly hand.

Movistar and Digitel share something important in common: Dash as a highly-regarded payment tool for all customers.

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