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Nigeria continues with the adoption of cryptocurrencies that is remarkable, and that makes this nation stand out for its application and use, which is quite high, compared to other countries on the African continent.

The country continues to increase and create new ways to use digital money, which has had a great impact on the world economy, especially in 2020.

A new platform emerges in Nigeria

Naijacrypto, an important Nigerian indigenous exchange has announced the creation of a new gateway for the use and exchange of cryptocurrencies and cryptographic payments in the Nigerian market, the platform is called “Naijapay”, this will allow companies to accept payments with cryptocurrencies, and their once allow a conversion to Naira.

Nigeria has become a high consumer of digital money, largely due to the huge inflow of remittances into the country, which was more than the country’s oil revenues in 2018.

As cryptocurrencies become mainstream for consumers in Nigeria, Naijapay aims to be their main destination.

Cryptocurrencies available on this platform

The cryptocurrencies that will be available within this platform will be Bitcoin and Dash, it is important to mention that the payments will be without transaction fees.

The platform will enable two payment modes, which will be adapted to the needs of the user and companies.

The first mode would allow companies to accept cryptocurrencies but always receive Naira this mode is called “Naira mode”. It is important to emphasize that they won’t have to worry about the volatility of the markets that cryptocurrencies always suffer.

The second mode of payment is for those who want to receive crypto and keep the funds in crypto. This mode will be called “Cryptographic mode”

The platform has utilities for users who only want to accept crypto payments without any complexity, as well as utilities for users who want to integrate payment API on their website.

These benefits make this platform a valid option for users in Nigeria.

Dash growth in Nigeria

Dash is a cryptocurrency that continues to expand around the world, its growth is admirable and an example to follow for other cryptocurrencies, its characteristics adapt to Naijapay in a great way, an example of this is because Naijapay is also enabled for InstantSend, which means that Dash transactions will be instantly confirmed and the Naira value will be credited to the receiver.

Finally, Chiagozie Iwu, founder of Naijapay said:

“Naijapay will revolutionize the way Nigerian companies and the self-employed are paid. Gone are the days when payment methods hindered the reach of the market.”

A new method is available in Nigeria so that all users can enjoy the evolution of digital money with the application of the best cryptocurrency in the market which is Dash.

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