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The reboot of the Dash Nation movement has sure been a busy time! After letting this website go kind of abandoned for a long time (something I’m ashamed to admit), there was a lot to do to modernize it and upgrade the front and back ends to deliver a user experience that’s worthy of Dash. Dash is speedy, secure and modern, so we needed a site that could claim the same. I truly hope you like the results of our work.

But what good’s a website without content? There are plenty of things to talk about with Dash. Proposals, price action, new features and requests, ideas, regulation, economics, you name it. To that end, we needed to attract some writing talent to the Dash Nation team. In July we posted a request for talent to come and write articles in either English or Spanish, as those are the major Dash-accepting communities at this point. We offered a small stipend of $10 USD for each article written, not really as a direct compensation for the time spent, but rather as a “Thank You” for donating their time and skills to the movement towards financial freedom through Dash.

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The Dash Nation writing team features writers from around the globe.

A decentralized Dash Nation team emerges

We received quite a bit of interest. Writers from around the world, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and parts unknown have answered the call to provide timely and interesting content for the visitors to Dash Nation. By now, you have likely read some of their works, and I’m very happy to be working with them. They are very passionate and enjoy helping create a culture around Dash.

Aldo is very enthusiastic, Frank Rojas creates interesting articles in Spanish, Alejo Medicena wins a prize for the cutest avatar, Kelly M is a workhorse submitting many articles, Violet provides some nice English content, Ahmad Fauzi is a superstar providing an English and Indonesian version for each article he writes, Anthony Daniel writes great articles from an African perspective, and many others are doing a great job. If you’re so inclined, don’t forget to leave them a small Dash tip for their submissions. Their addresses can be found at the bottom of their articles in the Author bio section.

As a result of all of their efforts, traffic to the site is up in a big way. The word of Dash from a community standpoint has one more outlet to flow. We are showing Dash from a new perspective, not all about the latest tech or merchant adoption efforts, but from the human side of things. How is Dash impacting people in the world, and how will it continue to do so in the future. That’s been largely missing up until now, not just in Dash, but in the space in general. Having a strong culture with dedicated believers around the world will naturally attract others to the source of those people’s passions.

Using Dash as the currency of the initiative has been fantastic.

Using Dash as the currency of the initiative

We are also finding it very easy to use Dash as method of payment, despite the fact that these writers are located around the world. If you are new to Dash, you should know that to use it, all you need is a wallet with a Dash address. You can then send that address to anyone and they can send you payments by sending to that address. Dash works very fast, so a few moments after we complete an article review and edit, the author has the Dash in their wallet and ready to spend. Using any other cryptocurrency or god forbid fiat would take considerably longer. Dash works very well and would be a great help to economies around the world. That’s why our writers are so passionate.

We are serious about the Dash Nation movement and believe highly in the usage of Dash as digital cash for the world. As such, this initiative is just getting started. The Blue Hearts are always on the lookout for more talent to join the team and help out by using their strengths. Are you a writer, either amateur or professional, and passionate about Dash or cryptocurrency? If so, we would love to talk with you and have you join our team to create informative, educational, or simply entertaining articles around Dash. You could create articles at your own pace, daily, monthly, yearly or anything in between! All contributions count. Help us build a culture, and celebrate our belief in this wonderful cryptocurrency.

Join us! We’re looking for talented freelance writers to join the team.

Contact us

Your contributions could make a difference. Your works could help attract others to Dash by showing the caliber of the people our community. If you would be interested in joining the writing team, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Please keep your eye out for more articles that we have in the pipeline. They will be posted on Dash forums and other content sharing sites such as Publish0x, Uptrennd, Hive, and We hope you enjoy and share them, Dash Nation!

About the Author: Christopher Carruthers

I'm a long time Dash community member and Dash Nation Founder. I'm also the host of Cash Alternative TV. Thanks for visiting Dash Nation!

Dash Nation is always on the lookout for talented writers for news and blogs. If you wouldn’t mind sharing your talents with the movement towards financial freedom through Dash, please contact the team at

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    Keep this going please, great job!

    • Christopher Carruthers September 4, 2020 at 4:38 pm

      We sure will, we are just getting started! Thanks for reading.

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