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In 2020 Dash not only made waves but also increased its various resourceful transaction benefits across the whole globe (Africa not excluded).

In one of my recent articles, I talked about Dash as being the next generation cryptocurrency of the 21st century (Read up), well now let’s look at the various transactions that can be completed using Dash.

Dash by the means of its various tremendous partnerships with many resourceful companies, organizations, firms, banks and individuals have tremendously increased and spread its transactions across the globe, below is the list of transactions that can be done using Dash (Digital Cash).

Dash transactions for 2020

Below are the list of transactions you can do with Dash in 2020.

                 SHOPPING ONLINE


Dash has made shopping easier for its users by introducing the DASH GIFTCARD STORE and eGIFTER. Now you can order and buy anything online with ease, be it electronic gadget, kitchen wares ,toys, books etc, and after all this you can easily pay without any stress using your Dash.

Shopping has never been this easy!!!

Website links ( Dash giftcard store ), ( eGifter )


Have you been wanting to go on a tour, holiday, vacation, medical check up, or business trip? Worry no more because travelling has been made easy due to the different Dash partnerships with various travelling companies like, Travala, CheapAir etc.

Now you easily book for flight and pay with easy using Dash, transactions are completed with the speed of light.

Website links ( Travala ), ( CheapAir )


Dash can now be use to pay for your electronics, be it your Playstation, Xbox, laptops, printers etc.

With just one click vooom your electronics have landed. Use the following website to buy your electronics and pay with Dash. ( Pi supply )



Mobile phone users were not also left out. Dash has also partnered with mobile phone service providers there by enabling users to easily top up their mobile credit and data without stress.

Users who also desires to be anonymous while browsing can also do so by making use of the various VPN services that partners with Dash.

Website links (mobile TopUp), (Nord Vpn), (Viking Vpn)


Users living in Venezuela who wish to be house owners can actualize their dreams of buy a house anywhere in Venezuela by using RE/MAX (one of the partners of Dash that deals with real estate and housing in Venezuela)

Website link; (Re/max)

Also residents of Venezuela who desire a good chicken meal, snacks or barbecue of any type can do so by patronizing Churchs Chicken Venezuela.

Website link; (Churchs Chicken Venezuela)


In 2020 Dash achieved many things,and in 2021 more is yet to be accomplished. (Dash !!!! We move Upward and forward)


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