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Dash is a well-established cryptocurrency. Therefore buying Dash can be an investment as well as being used for transactions. For now, Dash can be used to buy electricity tokens, and telephone credits. For Indonesia, there are no merchants or retailers that accept Dash payments. This is due to government regulations that prohibit the use of currencies other than IDR for transactions. If one is  proven to have violated this regulation, he will be subject to criminal acts and could be imprisoned. The Indonesian government treats cryptocurrencies as assets. Thus trading assets are allowed. The legality of cryptocurrency exchanges such as Indodax and Triv is proof that trading assets is legal.


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So, Why buy Dash?

Besides Dash having an established community, Dash price fluctuations also tend to be stable or move upwards. What underlies the trend of rising Dash prices? Dash is already accepted in more than 100 countries and thousands of merchants. Therefore products and services become a back up to the Dash price. There are many cryptocurrencies but those that are not accepted by retailers and merchants will lose value and could even be worth zero. This is because there is no underlying support of the cryptocurrency’s value. Dash is different, this currency has been accepted by thousands of retailers and is listed on dozens of large exchangers such as Bittrex, Binance, Huobi and for Indonesia Indodax.

How to buy dash with ATM debit in Indonesia?

Dash can be purchased directly by the debit card ATMs of banks in Indonesia. Almost all banks can be used. To buy Dash via ATM you must first register at Triv. Triv is a dollar and cryptocurrency exchange service. Triv provides services for buying or selling cryptocurrencies and other payments such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Perfect money, and Paypal. But for Paypal you can’t deposit directly. Triv only serves Paypal dollar purchases with IDR not exchanging Paypal to IDR or cryptos.


Registering an account on Triv

The account name must match the name on the bank account, otherwise deposits and withdrawals cannot be made. The only verification required is a telephone number. To register just click Sign Up Triv See the following picture.

1.Triv Dashboard After completing  registration , you will go to the main dashboard page.

2.Wallet or Wallet Click on the wallet page to view the virtual wallet that belongs to your account. There are Triv IDR and cryptocurrency wallets.

3. Sell and buy Select the buy and sell page. Select buy Dash then you will be directed to the payment method page.

4. Payment methods After filling in the amount of your Dash purchase, the page will go to your desired payment method. The payment method displays several bank options. Choose a bank account that matches yours. If there is no bank account yet, select “Other Banks”. This will show internet banking or ATM payments. This time I am using a Mandiri bank account, and I’m using it as an example. Follow the payment steps written on the payment page with Mandiri. After being paid, it will automatically be confirmed. Copy or print your purchase receipt for use at ATMs or Mandiri internet banking.

If your Dash balance does not appear, you can submit a ticket or confirm payment by attaching the purchase receipt. Tickets will be responded to in no more than two days on weekends, and on weekdays, they will respond on the same day.

That’s how to buy a dash with a debit ATM or internet banking in Indonesia. You can use the dash for trading, investing or shopping.

Important Notes 

Please note that there are some important things to know about the Dash wallet on Triv, because it’s a third-party Dash wallet provider. There are some drawbacks to storing Dash with wallet providers or third-parties.

  • Limited transactions

Minimum transactions are usually limited. Deposits under 0.1 dash to the Dash wallet on your Triv account will not be detected. Likewise, outgoing transactions must also be at least 0.1 dash. This is a hassle when you want to make a purchase below 0.1 Dash.

  • You don’t control the private key or seed

Wallets from third-party providers do not allow you to have the seed or private key. A seed is useful as a keyword to recover forgotten passwords in wallets. Seeds are 14 random words that are randomly generated when creating a personal Dash wallet. Because you don’t have a seed or private key, if the Dash wallet service provider goes bankrupt or does an exit scam your Dash will be lost and cannot be recovered. However, until now Triv is a trusted service. I have been using it since 2017 and there haven’t been any problems. To create a private wallet that has a seed or private key, you can use the MyDashWallet service.

To use a MyDashWallet, simply click Open HD Wallet. Then follow the steps. You must remember that if you have opened a wallet on MyDashWallet you have to log in and log out several times to be sure that you can actually log in and log out. In addition, the seed must be stored in a special file, and don’t forget that the seed need to be printed on paper and stored in a safe place. After successfully logging in and logging out, try sending a small amount of Dash to the newly-created wallet and then use it to send or transact out. After all the practice of trading small amounts is successful, you can deposit a larger amount. 

I encourage you to try it 

It’s great to use Dash as it’s one of the world’s best cryptocurrencies. Now that I’ve outlined how to buy it here in Indonesia, I encourage you to try it yourself and let me know how you did! Let me personally welcome you to Dash Nation.  

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