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Spain is synonymous with elegance and strength, an important and special country for the European continent. It’s a place where historical battles have been fought, a country with an established monarchy, full of culture, tradition, cultural and architectural monuments which are of relevance to the history of the world. Spain continues to evolve over time, becoming a beacon for other countries.

As a developed nation, it seeks to provide its own people and foreigners with an economy that preserves the lifestyle that everyone deserves. Despite Spain being an economically stable country, it doesn’t escape from problems when it goes through negative times and situations. Its leaders are regularly trying to come up with solutions to weather those storms.

Data and statistics of cryptocurrencies in Spain

With the arrival of cryptocurrencies in the world economy, many countries from different continents have introduced them to the marketplace. The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating this process as people sometimes hesitate to use or accept fiat money. Entrepreneurs and governments are offering access to cryptocurrencies so that citizens can enjoy the digital economy that marks our time.

Spain recently allowed the installation of several ATMs that allow for the trade of Bitcoin and altcoins, with the idea of ​​strengthening the acceptance of cryptocurrency in the Spanish country.

It’s important to mention that Spain has the fifth most bitcoin ATMs globally, with 103 according to the Coin ATM Radar information service. According to its statistics, an average of 3 ATMs are installed per day.

Madrid (15), Barcelona (25), Palma de Mallorca (10), Malaga (11), Seville (7) and Valencia (6) are the cities in Spain where most Bitcoin and altcoin ATMs are being installed.

In Europe, it’s observed that the ratio falls to 0.7 ATMs per day. That’s an average of two ATMs installed every three days, resulting in Spain leading the current use rate of cryptocurrencies on this continent.


Types of ATMs In Spain

There are several kinds of ATMs that are enabled within this country, for example there are those that are unidirectional (the ones which only distribute coins to wallets) and bidirectional (allowing the user to both buy and sell cryptocurrency).

It should be noted that, ATMs in Spain can be customized according to each buyer or investor.

Another relevant fact is that their prices vary depending on the type of ATM. For example, the cost of a cryptocurrency ATM can range from $ 3,000 to $ 6,500 according to the General Byte manufacturers. These types of ATMs can also be to be found in other countries, such as the United Kingdom with a total of 277 and in Austria with a total of 149. These three countries are the European leaders in cryptocurrency ATM installation.

ATMs worldwide

Globally, the country with the most Bitcoin ATMs is the United States, with 7,439; that is 76% of the worldwide total concentrated in a single nation.

In Latin America, the leader is Colombia with 59 and Argentina follows with 13 ATMs around the country.

In Central America, Panama has 18, the Dominican Republic has 16, and Mexico has 9 cryptocurrency ATMs, numbers that demonstrate the spread of cryptocurrencies around the world and growing acceptance by users.

Altcoins in Spain: Dash as a leading cryptocurrency

All reported ATMs in Spain accept Bitcoin, while 67 of them also process altcoins, including Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Zcash, and Monero (XMR).

From the total equipment installed, 49% of the ATMs allow buying and selling cryptocurrencies, while the other 51% only allow buying.

It’s important to highlight the arrival of Dash to developed and underdeveloped countries. This cryptocurrency offers users quality and security with its InstantSend and Chainlocks innovations. In Spain, Dash is gradually growing within the economy, and it’s undoubtedly a good start for the consumption of Dash that a significant number of ATMs allow its use. This will help Spanish citizens learn more about this wonderful cryptocurrency and undoubtedly start using it more often, making Dash continue its unstoppable rise in all countries that have introduced it to the populace.

The installation of cryptocurrency ATMs continues to boom around the world. As of April 2020, 7,386 Bitcoin ATMs were active globally. As of September 1 of that same year, that figure grew to 9,524 units, which represented an increase of 2,138 ATMs. This is undoubtedly great news demonstrating that the use of cryptocurrencies is here to stay and spreading throughout the world. Dash will succeed in a big way due to its quality user experience, being a banner for the industry.

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