Dash Platform v0.13 Released on Evonet!

Dash Platform is Dash’s exciting next-level software for the Dash network. It will make Dash as easy to use as Paypal or Venmo, with contact lists instead of user addresses. Also, your account will be able to be accessed from anywhere with the new decentralized API. Not to mention a decentralized App Store with applications running on Dash’s smooth, powerful network. Today, Christopher goes over the new features of v0.13 that are making Dash Platform closer to reality.

Dash Platform v0.13 announcement: https://blog.dash.org/release-announcement-dash-platform-v0-13-on-evonet-53c86b081b64

Dash developer Discord: https://discord.gg/UHJuYDa

Dash website: https://www.dash.org

Cash Alternative TV Media Hub: https://www.dashnation.com/catv

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