Balance of Financial Power In Venezuela (w/ Ernesto Contreras)

Digital currency was born in 2009, and has been facing an uphill battle around the world even though in many ways it offers a superior product than fiat systems. In Venezuela, Dash has found a place where the legacy system’s defences appear to be weaker than most countries. Smelling blood, Dash has used the power of its decentralized autonomous organization to fund groups that are building legit crypto ecosystems and educating Venezuelans on the unique benefits of Dash. They often have to re-educate those who have tried Bitcoin and weren’t impressed. Ernesto Contreras regales us on the balance of financial power in Venezuela on this episode of CATV.

Ernesto Contreras



Wells Fargo Cuts off Zelle to Venezuela (Espanol):

Wells Fargo Cuts off Zelle to Venezuela (English):

Cash Alternative TV Media Hub:

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