Making Dash Nation on Discord Great Again

As you may be aware, Dash Nation on Discord used to be the main hub for Dash online communication and collaboration. After the original Dash Chat Slack failed, a couple of community members started another Slack, and then moved to Discord. The community followed.

After a time, disagreements began to happen which inevitably does with a global community of strong-minded people, resulting in another Discord being created. This other Discord (Dash Talk) has since become the de facto “official” Dash Discord, for all intents and purposes.

So where does this leave Dash Nation on Discord? Well, let’s first look at the positives. This Discord continues to have a huge following, with close to 10,000 people joined. It’s run by a very nice moderation team that’s dedicated to Dash, and has a nice, intuitive channel structure and lineup.

Now for the negatives. Due to the split of the community into two Discords, there still remains a lingering bitterness over what happened and mistruths being told by some only add to this feeling. A general apathy by the Dash Nation on Discord moderation team, myself included, and a lack of enthusiasm and engagement has led Dash Nation on Discord to stagnate, squandering its advantages.

Bridging the divide

So, how do we rectify this situation? Here is the plan. Let’s concede that Dash Talk is now the “official” Dash Discord as it has the backing of a majority of long-time Dash community members. Dash Nation on Discord, in that case, becomes an independent entity with the potential to drive a lot of newcomers into the Dash ecosystem. Let’s harness the power of the two Discords and turn what was once a negative into a resounding positive.

The Dash Nation Ecosystem

One thing that I (Tao Of Satoshi) am really good at is people skills and social media. I will revive the Dash Nation concept, which has a mission statement of making people excited to become a part of something and be proud of it, not just asking people to use something. This leads to more passionate community members who never shy away from attracting others.

The Dash Nation social media ecosystem:

The Cash Alternative TV social media ecosystem (which would become the official video channel of Dash Nation):

Cash Alternative TV is also hosted prominently on threads in many digital currency message boards. If we, as a community, could get behind this strategy, we could start to see tangible results.

Get to the point

So, in detail, what’s the way to move forward?

  • Accept the defined roles of Dash Talk (de-facto official Dash Discord) and Dash Nation on Discord (independent entity, traffic driver and community builder)
  • Agree to use these twin Discords to Dash’s mutual advantage
  • Install a link the opposite Discord in each one
  • Begin the “Elite Contributor” program in Dash Nation on Discord (more on this later)
  • Grow the community on both Discords due to a new partnership and communication
  • Grow the Dash ecosystem

For inspiration, I look to the Dash Developer Discord. This is a testament to what can happen if you cultivate a spirit of camaraderie. Development of Core and third-party Dash Platform apps is flying because of it. We can do this in our regular Discords as well!

What is the “Elite Contributor” plan? I’m glad you asked!

  • A new role “Elite Contributor” has been created on Dash Nation on Discord.
  • A new, private “Elite Contributor” category has been created with a few exclusive channels.
  • Legitimate, meaningful contributions to discussion around Dash for a period of time will be awarded the “Elite Contributor” tag. Note: Bottom feeders saying “hello” or “good morning” will not achieve this status, acceptance will be at the discretion of the moderation team.
  • Those who regularly contribute to conversation and receive the “Elite Contributor” tag will be eligible to enter the private area which includes a “rain-room”.
  • At random times, the mods will open the “rain-room” and chat with the Elite Contributors while offering thanks in the form of sweet Dash rain.
  • Elite Contributors will not be allowed to rest on their laurels after receiving their tag. They will be expected to keep up a high level of conversation and engagement to keep their tag. It will be very exclusive.

So what’s the result of this plan? By incentivizing conversation liquidity, initially we will likely only be having prospective Elite Contributors talking amongst themselves. Over time, organically other dormant accounts will begin to engage naturally, even if they are not aware of the program. Eventually, a thriving, engaging atmosphere will be created that will be super inviting to newcomers. Dash Talk will be prominently featured for people to visit the defacto “official” Dash Discord.

If we do this, the ultimate benefit will be for Dash and Dashers. Growing the community has been slow up to this point, we can start to turbocharge it!

It’s worth noting, this Dash Nation/Cash Alternative TV revitalization and social media partnership will happen. It’s only a matter if the community and the Dash Talk Discord will get behind this plan. Also worth noting, I’m not asking for DAO funding for this plan, unless we really get rolling and we need to take it to the next level. Right now, it’s out of my own pocket, with any other contributions from community members graciously accepted.

Are you interested in becoming an Elite Contributor to Dash Nation on Discord? No sign-up necessary, just come over and start hanging out and talking about Dash! If you’re doing a good job, we’ll notice and accept you into the exclusive team where you will be eligible for rewards. You will also be doing your direct part to help Dash grow! Get an invite to Dash Nation on Discord here.

Are you a well-off Dash community member who sees the value in this initiative and would like to help out with funding?

Here’s the official Elite Contributor fund address: XezArb6jRUobsJgnhCuJmgd3zv3FDzFhFi
Ongoing contributions welcome!

Let’s do this, Dash Nation!

Thanks for reading,

Christopher Carruthers (Tao Of Satoshi)
Dash Nation Founder and Cash Alternative TV Host

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