Introducing the Dash Nation Social Media Squad!

A very special team focused on spreading the news about Dash.

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On November 21st, the Dash Nation DFO initiated the Dash Nation Social Media Squad. The initial response blew us away, within 5 hours there were almost 50 team members. They were given a first assignment to retweet, share a link, and share an email address on their social media accounts. The tweet that can be monitored was then retweeted many times by this passionate team, and resulted in a viewership of north of 26,000 impressions in just one day. 

This team will have a bright future, as they are passionate about Dash, and they have a network effect that has a tremendous reach when they work together. As this team grows, I foresee tweets and posts easily reaching an impression count in the hundreds of thousands, or even millions!

If you would like to help out with the Dash Nation Social Media Squad, see this website’s “Get Involved!” section, join us on Dash Nation on Discord (invite link below) and sign up in the #social-media-squad channel. Help us get the word out about Dash online!