Ok, so you’ve been brought to this website by a search or by one of our Dash Nation partner platforms. But what exactly is this Dash thing, anyway? Well, you’ve come to the right place to learn! On this page, we will start from the basics, and move forward until you are ready to become a Dash power user! Don’t feel like you have to learn all at once, bookmark this page and come back when you feel that you are ready to learn more.

What is a blockchain?

Maybe you’ve heard of this concept in your travels, but it wasn’t explained very well. In this video by the talented Amanda B. Johnson you will learn the basics of what exactly a blockchain is, without complicated jargon and buzzwords.

How does a blockchain work?

So now that you understand the basics of what a blockchain is, how does it do what we say it does? Who gets to “write” to it, when, and why? How is a blockchain different from a good ol’ fashioned database? Amanda B. Johnson takes you there in lesson two of Dash School.

How can blockchain be a monetary system?

What does a blockchain have to do with money? What is this business about blockchain networks being able to natively offer both currency and payments? Amanda B. Johnson explains in the third video.

How is Dash’s blockchain funded and governed?

You can now grasp how a blockchain network can offer money-as-a-service. Now we’re going to begin focusing on ways Dash begins to stand apart from the rest of the digital currencies. In this video, you will learn how Dash’s unique network structure helps it to serve up sophisticated monetary services to its customers.

How does Dash offer instant and private payments?

Did you know that Dash’s blockchain is the only one which offers both instant and private payments? True story. Learn how Dash’s unique “masternode” network make this possible.

Congratulations, you now know the basics!

Now that you understand the basics of what blockchain is and how Dash stands out from the rest, you will find a treasure trove of links and videos in this next section to help you graduate from Dash Padawan to Jedi Master. If you can think of another important aspect of Dash that should be here, please contact us at go.dashnation@gmail.com.

What is Dash?

In this latest explainer video by Dash’s largest contractor, the Dash Core Group, you will get a quick explainer on what Dash is and how its useful.

Why do we need it?

Dash is interesting in the fact that it can be both an investment vehicle and a useful medium of exchange. It’s kind of like a cross between gold, money, and digital technology. Find out why we need Dash in this informative video.

Dash as an investment

Some who don’t really have a need to use Dash as a digital cash may look upon it as an investment, like a start-up with huge growth potential. The gold-like aspect of it with a fixed supply is appealing since it means that no additional Dash will be created, diluting its value. Here are some sites to get investment information about Dash.

CoinGecko Dash page:
Dash Page on Investing.com:
Coindesk Dash Page:
What is Dash cryptocurrency? (2019)

Dash as digital cash

Many places in the world suffer from currency devaluations and totalitarian regimes. For these people, a permissionless digital currency which requires no ID to buy and use is very appealing. Find out all the groups out there who are advocating the use of Dash as digital cash.

Dash in Venezuela

Dash Mall and Parking
Dash Help Me

More to come! Still under construction.