Dash Nation is a global community of financial freedom advocates who believe in Dash, which is uniquely positioned to become a digital cash for the world. Dash Nation members are known as Blue Hearts! We’re happy you’re either thinking about joining us, or want to get more deeply involved by learning about all about what Dash cryptocurrency can do. By doing so, you can get involved and help educate others about Dash. If you are or may become a Dash Nation enthusiast, don’t forget to bookmark this page! It gives you easy access to all of Dash Nation’s sites and social media profiles. Thanks for being here!

Unity through Financial Freedom! Welcome to Dash Nation.

Dash Nation on Discord

This is the main hub of Dash Nation communication and collaboration. It’s a friendly place where Dash enthusiasts can share ideas and thoughts in a positive atmosphere. In fact, Dash Nation on Discord directly rewards meaningful contributors with a special badge status and an opportunity to be rewarded financially with Dash. Join us!

Dash Nation on Discord Invitation

Dash Nation on Reddit

Dash Nation has two subreddits. The first is r/DashNation, which is a general Dash subreddit for those who enjoy good company. The second is the subreddit of Cash Alternative TV (r/CashAlternativeTV), which is the official video channel of Dash Nation. If Reddit is your thing, join us in our subs!

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Dash Nation on Twitter

For all you Twitts out there, we’ve got you covered. The best place to keep up with the most up-to-date Dash Nation news is Twitter. We have four profiles there.

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Dash Nation on Facebook

We all know of Facebook as the social network, and still has a huge membership. Whatever you might think of Facebook and its policies, as a community we needed a presence there. Sorry!

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Dash Nation on Instagram

Here’s the place for Dash Nation’s visually stimulated peeps. Find the latest visual representations of our recent activity in our four Instagram profiles.

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Dash Nation on Pinterest

Yes, we have a presence on Pinterest. Surprisingly, it’s a great place for people to get ideas about all sorts of things, including disruptive technologies such as digital currency. Swing by Pinterest and check out the Cash Alternative TV board!

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Dash Nation on Flickr

Any organization that prides itself in the culture it’s creating should have a presence on photo and imaging sites. People using Dash and capturing their experiences should be captured.

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Dash Nation on Tumblr

Our founder, Christopher Carruthers (also known as Tao of Satoshi), has a presence on Tumblr where he uploads all current Dash Nation and Cash Alternative TV photos as well as some personal ones, if you’re into that sort of thing!

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Cash Alternative TV is the official video channel of Dash Nation. Our socials are included in the other’s above, but this is a section detailing where and when you can watch the latest episode! Join Tao as he explores interesting news, subjects and individuals inside and outside of Dash Nation! Find out what Dash cryptocurrency is capable of.

Cash Alternative TV Trailer

Wondering what Cash Alternative TV is all about? Christopher Carruthers (Tao of Satoshi) explains what you can expect when you subscribe to CATV on one of the platforms it’s hosted on.

CATV LIVE is an interactive weekly news show covering the latest in the world of Dash and digital currency news. Hosted by Tao Of Satoshi, this weekend show has segments on recent Cash Alternative TV videos, the latest crypto news, and the latest Dash news. In between, post your comments and/or questions in the chat for Tao to engage in a fun, relaxed experience. After the show, hang out on our livestreaming platforms (Twitch and DLive) for an even more intensive AMA. Hope to see you there!

CATV LIVE broadcasts Saturdays at 4PM UTC on select platforms. Here are the channels that host CATV LIVE each weekend!



CATV Facebook Page

Twitch Live Streaming

DLive Live Streaming

Cash Alternative TV began as solely a YouTube channel, but since has grown to be hosted on many platforms. Use this guide to find out how to watch Dash Nation’s official video channel on your favorite platform.

Cash Alternative TV Platform Listing

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Christopher Carruthers,
Dash Nation Founder and Cash Alternative TV Host