Dash Nation Social Media Squad

Have you wondered what you can do to help the Dash ecosystem, but lack the technical skills to feel valuable and or get up and offer help?

Join Dash Nation’s very own decentralized social media team! (@Social Media Squad on Dash Nation on Discord)

1. What is this? How does this help Dash? This is the easiest way to help grow Dash. Sick of waiting for your investment to grow wings? Well here’s a very simple, straight forward and easy way to help it. All it takes is 5 minutes to sign-up for accounts on websites such as twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram, reddit, news site comment sections and so on. All of which are valuable platforms with millions of users who have yet to hear about crypto currencies, let alone Dash. So lets go tell them!

2. What if I don’t know how to “social media”? Or have no social media accounts? That’s why we are here, to help you learn! Social media is as simple as using the proper hashtags, posting in the proper areas and keeping the conversation alive about the subject (Dash) you are trying to push, hence we need a decentralized global “team” to push our content more effectively worldwide. 24/7. We have a wonderful Discord channel full of professional social media folks willing to lend a hand, help write tweets, provide feedback and overall just help educate the Dash community on taking its destiny into its own hands.

3. How can I join? Joining is as simple as heading over to Dash Nation on Discord (link below), and signing up in the #social-media-squad channel. Once you’re part of the prestigious team, your effort will consist of sharing items in the #please-share channel and/or commenting on websites or simply liking posts. Every little bit of awareness counts. Retweets are our best friends but we welcome any and ALL help in the effort to push Dash to the mainstream world.

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