Dash Forums Rules and Expectations

Welcome to Dash Forum and Dash Reddit! Please read this.

Whether you are viewing this before or after you have joined us in Dash, you may be wondering what we’re all about. Dash is a global movement towards financial freedom for the world. As such, it needs to hold itself to high communication and interpersonal standards to build its stature and encourage new people to join and contribute. It’s important in any organization to have places where people can gather (physically or virtually) to exchange ideas, report information, or simply unwind with like-minded individuals. When using Dash’s main forums (Dash Nation on Discord, the Dash subreddit, or Dash Forum), we have come to expect some simple courtesies when dealing with fellow Dashers, or anyone who visits us.

Dash is a global phenomenon. There is representation from all over the world, and many different styles and walks of life. We also respect that people will be joining us from many countries speaking different languages, with English as a second language. An organization such as that has particular challenges to keep respect and order in our forums. However, the simple values that Dash Nation represents such as respect for factual based arguments, treating each other with respect and dignity, and excitement for what Dash’s potential impact on the world might be shine through daily.

In order to keep this environment the way it has been as we grow, we need to have clearly defined rules and expectations. When using any Dash forum, you will see these values we share in Dash on display. For clarity, we will display the rules and moderation team here.

(Considered to be in effect on Dash Forum and r/Dashpay)

  1. Dash forum users shall treat each other with respect and dignity. This means to encourage each other, push each other towards success, because each individual’s success leads to Dash’s success. At no time should anyone engage in ad hominem attacks with another. To do so is counter-productive and introduces a negative element to the Dash community. Please debate others on their points, not who they are.
  2. Dash forum users shall not use profanity. While profanity may be a big part of some people’s way of speaking, it has no place in a semi-professional environment. Investors curious about Dash will no doubt visit this hotbed of community activity, and if we can keep the language clean, that will set us apart from other crypto chats. Aggressive language can lead to confusion and intimidation, no matter what the context. Please keep that in mind.
  3. Dash forum users shall not attempt to pass unproven speculation as fact. This is actually a big deal, and can lead communities down a very bad road. We saw this first hand in the first, failed Dash chat. People who are allowed to push a narrative that has no factual basis can create division and animosity to the point that the whole chat can fall apart. This is not a situation that we want to see in Dash, so this is a non-negotiable rule in our forums. It’s fine if you make it clear that something is your opinion, but not if you make it a statement as fact.
  4. Dash forum users shall use extreme care to not misrepresent what they are arguing against. Ask clarifying questions before casting potentially inflammatory misrepresentation.
  5. Dash Forum users shall not hijack threads. Please keep it on topic.
  6. Dash forum users shall not solicit via Direct Messaging: Soliciting for whatever reason in DMs is strictly not allowed. If you are solicited for whatever reason in DMs, please report it to a member of the moderation team. This list will be posted below, and updated as it changes. Soliciting includes but is not limited to shilling for altcoins, trying to collect money for a proposal fee, selling something privately, or asking for loans. These members cannot be trusted, and often try to trick you with names that seem official, but have slight variations in spelling from the real person. No member of the moderation team will ever solicit you via PM.
  7. Dash forum users shall not post personal advertising. Dash forums are not places for posting of promotional codes or referral links to anything for personal gain. Such messages, if discovered, will be deleted immediately. Please also be wary of people sending you these codes via PM.
  8. Dash forum users shall not harass one another: It is a priority of the Dash moderation team to provide environments where everyone feels safe, comfortable and respected. It is expected that no member be subjected to constant messaging and badgering from another member. If you feel you are being harassed by another member, please bring it to the attention of a member of the forum’s moderation team. First time offenders will get a warning, and if found violating this rule a second time, will be banned from our forums.
  9. Dash forum users shall not create low or non-value threads. To create a pleasant reading environment for Dash enthusiasts, threads that are deemed to be non to low-value will be deleted without comment. Examples of this are “When is the price going up?” or “I wish I had bought sooner.”
  10. Dash forum users shall not needlessly bump necro-threads. You may be bored, but if you have nothing of value to add to these long-forgotten threads, please leave them in the past.


—Dash Forum Team—

  • agnewpickens
  • fernando
  • flare
  • nmarley
  • strophy
  • TaoOfSatoshi
  • tungfa
  • TroyDash
  • UdjinM6
  • v2nek

—Dash Reddit Team—

  • /u/AgnewTheModHamster
  • /u/Basilpop
  • /u/DeltaEngine
  • /u/evand82
  • /u/fgumo
  • /u/_moocowmoo_
  • /u/solarguy
  • /u/TaoOfSatoshi
  • /u/_technoir_
  • /u/tungfa
  • /u/TheDesertLynx
  • /u/ThisMustBeTrue
  • /u/TroyDash

Please listen and follow the instructions given by these moderators. Thank you for reading and we hope you have a great experience communicating and collaborating on the forums. It will be our pleasure to talk with you!




  • 1st offence: First warning
  • 2nd offence: Final Temporary Ban warning
  • 3rd offence: Temporary Ban (48 hours)
  • 4th offence: Final Permanent Ban warning
  • 5th offence: Permanent Ban

Strikes will be removed from a user’s record after each two (2) week interval of good behaviour.