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Bitfinex/Tether to Stand Trial, The Coindesk 20, Earn Dash on Discord…and more! | CATV LIVE

After upgrading the audio settings last week, CATV LIVE returns this week with brand new visuals. Tether (through Bitfinex) is apparently missing 850M dollars of users funds, and is going to stand trial. Coindesk releases their top 20 ranking, but how did they arrive at their conclusions? If you are personable, and like chatting with like-minded individuals, there may be some crypto-making opportunities coming up on Dash Nation on Discord. All this and more on this weekend’s CATV LIVE!


DIY crypto ticker

Flote App secures seed funding for next stage of growth

Low Bitcoin volatility will resolve via lower prices

VISA hiring Ethereum dev for distributed application

New partnership allows travellers to book with BTC on Expedia

Rob Viglione on decentralized sidechains

Monero mining philosophy wars

The Coindesk 20: Assets that matter most in crypto

Australian comedian buys BTC at 10,000 just for fun

Tether/Bitfinex to stand trial over 850 million of users funds

Coinbase preparing to go public as early as this year

Crypto YouTubers be like

Next killer crypto app: decentralized monetized organizing


Making Dash Nation on Discord great again

Dash now open for margin trading on HitBTC

Dash gets top billing on a Venezuelan banana stand

Fiat leaks adds altcoins (Dash)

Institutional platform LGO to provide OTC liquidity to the Dash network

Dash becoming reliable thanks to LLMQs

Meet the Dash help team

Book review: Digital is the cash

BTC Lightning Exploit?, LocalCryptos Adds Dash, Discord Scammer Doxxed…and more! | CATV LIVE

It seems as though the Bitcoin Lightning network’s security is not yet up to snuff, with an exploit discovered that could lead to loss of user’s funds. LocalCryptos adds Dash, and offers a ringing endorsement of its technology. A prolific Discord scammer posing as a good guy gets doxxed by some meticulous investigators. All this and much more on this Independence Day episode of CATV.


Bitcoin bull run in a month?

Zimbabwe bans mobile money

What the collapse of Wirecard means for crypto

Why your favourite cryptocurrency’s features won’t matter soon

Bitcoin Lightning network attack

Discord scammer doxxed and caught

FIO (Foundation for inter-wallet operability request demo

FIO website

Bitcoin, crypto of the poor. Myth or reality?


Decentralized payment systems vs Visa/MC

How to pay with Dash in Pie de Monte shopping center

Dash will be added to LocalCryptos

What goes into adding another crypto to LocalCryptos

CryptoRefills offers 30% more rewards points paying in Dash

Dash available for use at 2,500 Austrian merchants

Living fiat free with Joel Valenzuela (5:00)

How to Live on Crypto with Joel Valenzuela

DIF election on now

Matt Meek three-part op-ed series

What investors are missing (Chicken & egg problem) Earn up to 12.5%

Dash back through purchases at eGifter

Buying Dash on SimpleSwap

Is Bitcoin still the most reliable cryptocurrency?

Dash Text Venezuela switches to USD

Wirecard Aftermath, Buy Your Crypto on PayPal?, Dash Integration Bonanza…and more! | CATV LIVE

As I predicted last week, the Wirecard insolvency fiasco dominoes are starting to fall, affecting debit cards. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, as PayPal is reportedly going to offer digital currency buying and selling. The Dash ecosystem is growing by leaps and bounds lately, offering more choices to buy, store, and spend the best digital cash. All this and way more on this weekend’s CATV LIVE.


Crypto card trading game

Buy US stocks with Uphold

60% of BTC held long term (digital gold)

Bitcoin.exit documentary

How fast is Bitcoin really growing?

New York’s BitLicense softening?

PayPal/Venmo to support buying-selling cryptocurrency

Venezuela accepted Bitcoin for passport fees

Wirecard CEO arrested, Crypto[dot]com OK

VISA, Mastercard considering cutting Wirecard ties

FCA shuts down Wirecard subsidiary

Buy Bitcoin at Australian post offices


DashPay Wallet Username Demo Video (from last week)

Why Dash’s username demo is game-changing

An early Dash Platform dApp

Dash and Liquid exchange announce partnership

Deposit to win Dash on Liquid

New DASH/USDT pair on Bitbns

New DASH/PESO pair on BloomX Philippines

Amanda talks with Veronica Andrino, Filipina Dasher

Dash added to Binance customizeable locked savings

Buying Dash now possible on Crypto Compare

Dash Queen on Google Play

How Dash Queen works

What investors are missing (Part 2: The treasury)

30% off with Dash on Gigalayer

Deploy a Dash node on ThreeFold in 5 steps

Tao Of Satoshi on

How do Dash Futures work?

Craig Wright in Hot Water, XRP Not a Security?, DashPay Username Demo…and more! | CATV LIVE

Craig Wright may have incriminated himself while trying to confirm ownership of certain private keys. A powerful financial player declared he doesn’t feel that XRP is a security. Wirecard is missing 2 billion in cash, possibly indicating trouble for debit cards issued by Wirecard. A much-anticipated DashPay wallet username demonstration video has been released, and we’ll check it out today. All that and more on this weekend’s CATV LIVE!


Binance turns 3 Giveaway

Craig Wright responsible for Mt. Gox hack?

Craig Wright on hotseat from Richard Heart

Moving along the S curve of adoption

Vitalik Buterin predicts move to biotech (anti-aging)

Inactive BTC supply reaches 4 year high

XRP not a security?

Pentagon knows cryptocurrency’s true value

Binance Pool largest BSV miner after delisting

ZCoin moves to privacy by default

Wirecard missing 2B in cash

Free FIO addresses for a limited time

Tezos subjected to class action lawsuit


Dash Accepted Here sticker in Bangkok

39 Dash-accepting VPNs

Dash Investment Foundation buys gold as rebalancing strategy

Dash Platform dApp wishlist by Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor

Liquid exchange trading Dash

Panda BTM launched in Colombia dispenses Dash

Dash: What investors are missing

Dash Talk Amanda interviews CEO of Bitrefill

In battle with banks, cryptos aim for scalability and application cases

Trellis Dash Info Board by readme

DashPay Username demo

BTC vs. 10K, Dash Integration Parade, Dash Core v0.16, QuadrigaCX Ponzi…and more! | CATV LIVE

Try as it might, Bitcoin just can’t seem to conquer the mystical 10k USD barrier for any length of time. Dash had another excellent week of integrations, leading to more use cases for digital cash. Dash Core Group announced a testnet release of Dash Core v0.16, giving power users the challenge to break things. The Ontario SEC has some interesting investigation notes about the failed Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX. All this and more on this weekend’s CATV LIVE! (All links below)


Bitcoin has been the best currency investment in 1,200 years

Chinese police freeze OTC bank accounts due to chain analysis

Winklevoss twins to help adapt “Bitcoin Billionaires” to film

Large ETH address sends small transaction with enormous fee

What would happen with a Satoshi Nakamoto reveal?

Why does BTC have a hard time breaking 10k?

Fake SpaceX Youtube channels scam people of BTC

Ontario SEC labels QuadrigaCX a Ponzi scheme

Coinsquare CEO ordered wash trading

Bitrefill offers BTC Back program


Dash integrated into GokuMarket

Dash integrated into PARSIQ

ChainAnalysis now supports Dash and ZCoin

Dash and LGO partner to power a global remittance and payment rails network

Dash trading on MoneyBees in Philipines

Staking on Huobi

Staking on BitGo?

Dash now available on Blox

Dash economics discussion w/ Ryan Taylor and others

Ryan Taylor appearance on Finance Magnates

Dash sees 100% rise in commercial payments through Latin American partnerships

Dash very successful in Latin America

Joel Valenzuela appeared on “Crush The Street”

ReadyRaider giving away Dash to celebrate new version

DIF’s gold diversification covered by Crypto Daily

Vaultoro compares Dash to Skynet

Dash Core 0.16 on testnet

Amanda interviews IntoTheBlock

Dash Economics Proposal, Crypto Around the World, Anypay vs. BTC…and more! | CATV LIVE

Dash Core Group recently did a live presentation about Dash’s economics and functionality, where they offered a proposal to solve issues. I look at crypto news from Japan, Canada, and Venezuela, and get to the bottom of why Anypay is in an on-again/off-again relationship with Bitcoin. All that and much more on this weekend’s CATV LIVE!


Blockchain and decentralization

Anypay reveals why BTC is not an attractive payment option

Crypto could save millennials from the economy that failed them

Why pay taxes?

Nice Op/Ed by Bradley Zastrow “Hammer In Search of a Nail”

Japan’s cryptocurrency regulation updates

Crypto firms recognized as money service businesses in Canada

Wells Fargo eliminates access to Zelle

Bitcoin releases new more secure version

Dash not affected by Erebus attack


How Dash is dominating Nigeria

This week at Dash Core Group

ALT 5 Sigma launches ALT 5 Pay, a cryptocurrency to fiat payment gateway

Dash winning transaction speed contests

Whitebit contest finished

DIF election has commenced

Stronghold Dash wallet updates

Dash Mall and Parking partners with Piido

Interview with Ryan Taylor on SoundCloud

Amanda B Johnson talks with Vaultoro

Dashpay and Dash Platform infographic

Using Blockchain to evade sanctions? | Tao & Amanda LIVE!

Today we’re talking about the Phoenix Dash Evolution Open House, the disappearance of MooCowMoo and his relation to Dash, weird activity happening in the r/Cryptocurrency subreddit, and our main topic, Ethereum dev Virgil Griffith’s visit to North Korea to teach them how to use blockchain to evade sanctions. He got arrested for that action, but not everyone thinks he should have. 

What’s the best crypto structure? | Tao & Amanda LIVE!

Today we’re talking the crypto bear market, altruism vs. greed in investing, the alleged Binance “raid,” and centralization vs. decentralization in the structure of a crypto network.

30 minutes jam-packed with Tao and Amanda — LIVE!

Tao & Amanda LIVE! – Meet The Hosts

Meet your hosts today, and learn why they’ve launched “Tao & Amanda LIVE!” Also get the scoop on Mimblewimble’s recent woes (are they really?), and the mysterious commercial-looking video where Venezuelan President Maduro examines a Dash-and-Bitcoin ATM.

Tao & Amanda LIVE! – Meet The Hosts

The first “Tao & Amanda”! Not LIVE though, LIVE starts next week.

Introductory video for the new YouTube show “Tao & Amanda LIVE!”. The pilot episode livestreams on November 20th. See you on Wednesdays at 5:00PM UTC!