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Are Blockchains Ready for Gamers?

Blockchains have had a rocky relationship with the gaming industry. High-profile integrations with tech giants have ended in termination, due to the sorely-lacking user experience blockchains offered. Fast-forward to the present, and a second wave of blockchain networks might be taking another crack at this huge and fast-growing industry. Is there a blockchain network out […]

Scammers get arrested, Blockchain for gamers?, Talking Dash DApps… and more! | CATV LIVE

Members from the Plus Token scam get arrested in China, and the Twitter hack mastermind gets arrested in Florida. What good is blockchain if it can’t be used for gaming? Dash Platform will be groundbreaking upon its release. People are now starting to talk about all the wonderful apps that will be created for it. […]

Unity through Financial Freedom. That’s Dash Nation!

It’s been a pretty busy time for the Dash Nation movement. The idea had been stagnating for awhile. Once we realized that, we knew that we couldn’t let the promise that had been percolating but largely unrealized be abandoned any longer. Over the past weeks, we have been reorganizing all of our assets across multiple […]

Buy Anything in Venezuela with Dash and Dingo!

Venezuelan Blue Hearts have a lot of reasons to hold Dash. They can hold it as a store of value from their crumbling national currency, as an easy means to exchange value, and now it’s easier than ever to spend it! In this episode of CATV, we find out all about the newest integrations from […]

Crypto in US Banks, Coinsquare CEO Resigns in Scandal, Buy Anything w/ Dash …and more! | CATV LIVE

In a sure sign of cryptocurrency acceptance by the mainstream financial sector, U.S. banks are now authorized to be custodians of crypto. A regulatory probe has revealed misdeeds by the management of Canadian digital currency exchange Coinsquare, leading to CEO Cole Diamond’s resignation. After a partnership with Dingo Deliveries, Venezuelans in Caracas using Dash can […]

Dash AID Venezuela

Editor’s note: This is an initiative spearheaded by Dash News Italia, and we are posting it here as well for increased visibility. Dash Nation at this moment is intended to be a multi-sig participant, but has not yet entered into this address agreement. We will update this when we have. UPDATE: Dash Nation has entered […]

The Dash Network Now Owns a Dash Trademark!

It took quite a long time and a seemingly endless series of deliberations, negotiations, and hoop-jumping, but the Dash Core Group can finally make the announcement. They have a Dash trademark. Meaning the decentralized Dash network has a Dash trademark. On this episode of CATV, Tao goes through this exciting news and offers his insights. […]

Save Money by Using Dash! I did. (w/ Rui Braga)

Everybody likes saving money. Businesses especially would love to maximize their profits by reducing expenses. Cryptocurrency businesses that send thousands of transactions monthly would do well to switch to Dash’s secure, instant, and virtually non-existent transfer fees. In this CATV episode we talk with Rui Braga, who’s company Zaigar.com is saving a bundle due to […]

For Dash, It’s all about the “EX”es!

Two recent announcements regarding new Dash functionality in the trading and sports gaming industries happened to come from two companies both ending with “EX”. So although the industries they represent are different and ones that Dash stands to do well in, on this CATV episode it’s all about the exes. TradexSports website (app download): https://tradexsports.com/ […]

Crypto Scammers Hack Twitter, TikTok DOGE Pump, Dash Core Group on Fire…and more! | CATV LIVE

Twitter was hacked by crypto scammers, turning important accounts into devious Bitcoiners. A pump group orginating on the social media app TikTok tried to pump Dogecoin to $1 USD. The Dash Core group has had quite a busy week, resulting in lots of news around Dash Nation. All of these news items and much more […]