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Unity through Financial Freedom.

Dash Nation is a global community of financial freedom advocates who believe in Dash as digital cash for the world.

What is Dash?

Dash, also known as digital cash, is a cryptocurrency that has blazing speed, security and optional privacy. It’s a better money for a better future.

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Dash Platform will bring more innovation

  • Dash wallets will be as easy to use as Paypal or Venmo thanks to human-readable usernames and contact lists.

  • Take the same Dash wallet account with you wherever you go, thanks to a decentralized API.

Features of Dash

Dash can be considered to be the most complete cryptocurrency experience in existence. It ticks all the boxes you would want in a digital money.

It’s private.

Dash Core wallets have a built-in privacy feature called PrivateSend.

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It’s very fast.

Dash transactions are locked and secure after less than two seconds.

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It’s solved Bitcoin’s shortcomings.

Dash has solved Bitcoin’s problems with transactions, governance, and funding.

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Masternodes are the key.

Dash’s second-tier network enables multiple innovations that make it a cryptocurrency of the highest quality you can use today.

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It’s traditionally performed well versus fiat currencies.

Dash is not created by governments, so it is not subject to money-printing. There is a set amount of Dash that will be created.

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You can get live support.

Dash Help Me offers a live support service from anywhere in the world.

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Dash Nation is global.

Being a part of something bigger than ourselves can be a source of passion. We want to change the world, and have fun while doing it!

How it works


Countries Supported

Dash can be sent and received from anywhere to anywhere. All you need is a device and either internet or cellular.

~ 5,000

Global masternodes

Dash’s quality network is made possible by incentivized infrastructure that’s always on, ready to process your transactions.

Get involved!

We have a blast in Dash Nation. Join the movement towards financial freedom through Dash!

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The first step to using Dash is to download the app.

Dash wallets are available for most platforms. Visit the official site to download one today!

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  • Be sure to always back up your wallet, and remember your password. No one can help you retrieve it.

  • For higher amounts, consider using a hardware wallet such as a Trezor or KeepKey. These offer enhanced safety features.

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Opportunities in Dash Nation

If you’re interested in earning Dash, there are ways to do it with us. Please check out the “Opportunities” tab above!

  • We are always on the lookout for freelance writers for news and blogs.

  • We are always on the lookout for friendly people who want to contribute online to a great atmosphere in Dash Nation.

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