Proposal: Dash Nation on Discord Renewal (Expanding To Other Forums)

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Hello, I’m Tao Of Satoshi.

You may know me from my YouTube channel Cash Alternative TV, my Twitter account @CashAlternative, or from my role as the founder of the Dash Nation movement, and owner of the Dash Nation on Discord server.

This proposal seeks renewal funding for me and my team to continue offering a steady collaboration and communication platform with the Dash Nation on Discord channel, as well as assuming moderator duties in other areas such as Reddit and Dash Forum.

Out of the ashes of previous iterations, Dash Nation Slack was a great place for Dashers to hang out, collaborate, and exchange opinions and stories about Dash. Unfortunately, this platform did not want to cater to communities, even successful ones. As such, there did not exist any type of moderation tools with teeth to deal with the inevitable arrival of spammers and scammers.

On October 18th, 2017, Dash Nation moved to its now permanent home on the Discord platform. After taking awhile to hit its stride after being ripped from its former home, Dash Nation is now thriving on Discord. The moderation tools there are more efficient to deal with the problems, and Discord caters to communities. On top of this, Discord also offers their platform free of charge.

A few Dash Nation on Discord stats:

– Members: 4022
– Categories: 17 (General Chat, Markets, Development, Dash Projects, Proposal discussion and more)
– Dash proposals that communicate and collaborate on Dash Nation: 21 known

A community generally does not moderate itself, however, and Dash Nation is no exception to this. After learning from failed experiences, I devised a list of simple rules that need to be in place to have a respectful, semi-professional environment that would be very open and receptive to newcomers. Ever since I became in charge of Dash Nation Slack, I have moderated it and Dash Nation on Discord to the best of my ability.

I will be expanding my role to become a moderator on Reddit and Dash Forum as well, and would submit my name for consideration to become community manager as well. After recent events, I am eager to represent Dash to the best of my ability, and uphold its standards that we should be proud of. Above all, treating everyone with fairness. Rules apply to everyone, including myself and the moderation team. We would also like to ask for a little funding to begin actively engaging in tipping for valuable contributions to Dash Nation on Discord, this budget would be divided among the moderators to distribute.

Please support Dash Nation on Discord, help keep our forums semi-professional, and let’s keep building the movement!

Monthly breakdown of renewal terms: (5 months of services, June-October)

Reimbursement of proposal fee: 1 Dash
Tao Of Satoshi Discord, Reddit and Dash Forum moderation and community engagement services: 15 Dash
Engagement (tipping) budget: 3 Dash
Miscellaneous (hiring new moderators, possible Discord collaborations) 2 Dash

Total monthly amount: 21 Dash

As always, I will maintain a strict accounting of budget funding and will forward unused funds to the following renewal.

Cheers, Tao Of Satoshi

Vote Yes: gobject vote-many 477f52cc73d6c9eaa2aff461052756ee248d71b50e556bc9821146613386a10d funding yes

Vote No: gobject vote-many 477f52cc73d6c9eaa2aff461052756ee248d71b50e556bc9821146613386a10d funding no