Bounties, Jobs & Gigs for Dash

Dash is empowering people all around the world to work on the Digital Cash concept with us and get rewarded for doing so! Below is a relatively new list of places Dash requires some additional talent. Everything posted on this page is paid out in Dash, not Bitcoin and especially not FIAT.

Bounties (Click each for more info)

iPhone Wallet with InstantSend functionality - 50 Dash

Get in touch with either Crypto_Advocate (20 Dash) or Solarminer (10 Dash) on the DigitalCash Slack or TroyDash (20 Dash) on the Dash Nation Slack for funding and/or to chat about their bounty. (NOTE: There is currently an app (DASH.IO) on the App Store which includes InstantSend, however the bounty will only be paid if the app stays on the App Store past December 1st, 2016, which will make it two months since it’s introduction.)

iPhone Wallet in the Apple Store - 300 Dash | 250 Dash CLAIMED

We are pleased to announce that the amazing team at successfully claimed this bounty by getting their latest version of the Jaxx wallet approved in the Apple Store. Since this wallet does not feature InstantSend (yet) we have created a seperate proposal for the remaining bounty to avoid confusion.

Here is the original text:

Get in touch with either DashMasternode (200 Dash), Pi & Associates (50 Dash), Dash_Advocate (20 Dash*), TroyDash (20 Dash*) or Solarminer (10 Dash*) on the DigitalCash Slack for funding and/or to chat about their bounty.

A message to clarify the purpose of the bounty by DashMasternode himself:
“My bounty of 200 DASH is for the company or individual who creates and gets the Apple Mobile Dash wallet to the App-Store. I will download and use the winners wallet to transfer the DASH to the creator or team involved. This bounty is not for salespeople, individuals or groups that grease the Apple Store rules or have a “friend” on the inside that facilitates the process. This bounty’s intention is to foster and encourage the creation of the product. I reserve the right to decide who is the ultimate winner of my share of the bounty.”

* These bounties form a 20% bonus to the original 250 Dash bounty and only apply if the Dash InstandSend functionality is fully integrated into that wallet.

Simple HTML "Pay with Dash" jQuery Plugin/Button

Description needed.

PrivateSend and InstantSend fuctionality in Electrum Wallet

Description Needed.

PrivateSend functionality in Android (SPV)

PrivateSend functionality in Iphone wallet

2FA Setup For Use w/ Dash (Authy clone) 20 Dash Pledged so far

There is currently 20 Dash pledged to whomever can get a wonderful Two-Factor Authentication setup working with a dash wallet to help secure Masternode funds with 2FA and so on.

Volunteering Gigs

DashNation Writer - Volunteer Writers

Get in touch with TheDashGuy on the DigitalCash Slack for funding and/or to chat about this gig.

DashNation Mobile App Development

Get in touch with TheDashGuy on the DigitalCash Slack for funding and/or to chat about this gig.

DashNation Social Media- Volunteer Social Bloggers


Solar System Sales Professional

We are looking for a motivated person to call on business to sell solar PV systems in the state of Minnesota. We pay a commission of 5% per sale in Dash.
Contact for more details.

Please be patient as we are still developing this portion of the website, but wanted to get the ball rolling sooner than later. We are currently securing bounty funding from private sources and hope to approach the blockchain after a few successful projects come out of this concept as proof of value. Check back frequently. New jobs and gigs will be posted at random. If you would like to submit a bounty and or pledge towards current bounties, contact @TaoOfSatoshi on the public Dash Nation slack channel. Thank you!

Our Wonderful Sponsors


DashMasternode is a bit newer to the Dash scene but he’s as dedicated as the rest of us. So much so he has put up a whopping 200 Dash bounty to get the Dash iPhone Wallet (or any Dash Wallet for that matter) into and approved by the Apple Store. If you have interest in getting this completed, and/or have completed this bounty, please get in touch with him on Slack for more info and/or payment.


Everyone knows Solarminer runs a solar businesses, but did you know he was hiring a Salesman? And paying in Dash? If you have are a great salesman and would like to get into selling solar panels to businesses in Minnesota, and get paid in Dash, Solarminer is your man. Also, he will pay your 5 Dash fee for any proposals submitted to the network inline with the goals list above.