Help Us Spread The Word About Digital Cash!

Having a decentralized blockchain based cash-like currency could effectively change the world as we know it, what are we waiting for?

Financial freedom, from both a privacy and mobility standpoint, is so important in this rapidly evolving yet increasingly restrictive world. The cryptocurrency Dash offers this freedom in the form of a digital “cash” that is created not by governments, but by math. Through cutting-edge technology, Dash offers privacy and mobility with your funds, enabling a true borderless global economy: Dash Nation.

Dash Nation is a world-wide initiative open to anyone from any country, language, creed, religion, or background. We are a group of progressive people who use, help improve, and create a passion and culture around Dash. Some donate their skills and talents to help Dash succeed, and others simply show their support for Dash Nation as they believe that what it represents is so important.

Businesses and individuals, please join Dash Nation and help us build a global economy by the people for the people. There is a lot of work to do, but together we can achieve the financial freedom and mobility that are slowly disappearing from our lives.

Not A Technical Person? So What, You Can Still Help!

Dash is much more than Digital Cash, Dash is a worldwide tool for the financial revolution we all desperately need. We’re always looking for new supporters, developers, & most of all community members. We all love Dash for one reason or another, but only together can we change the world.

  1. How can you help spread Dash?
    1. Join the online conversation about Digital Cash, anywhere you can.
    2. Help spread current and old news articles and/or resources to individuals around the internet.
    3. Join the conversations elsewhere, waiting for a chances to cure other peoples problems using Dash. (ie: People who spend large amounts of money on wiring, playing markets, using expensive credit cards and such)
    4. Be active. Be helpful. Be Polite. Be welcoming. Educate the world.
  2. Where do I get started?
    1. The best place to get started is right here on, we’ve hand curated many of the best articles over the lifetime of Dash and organized them into a nice historical feed of Dash News, Opinion Articles, Market Analysis & so on. We hope this makes finding the content you’d like to spread much easier. We hope to expand our goals as we go, but the core idea will always remain the same, spread Digital Cash.
    2. If you need to brush up on your social media, there is a guide in the works but for now just join us on Dash Nation on Discord and we’ll answer any and all questions you have pertaining to social media within minutes.
    3. Grab a Dash wallet, you can choose from Android, iPhone, PC or Mac.
  3. What are the best places to spread Dash?
    3. (Outside of /r/Dashpay)
    4. Instagram
    5. YouTube
    6. LinkedIn
    7. Personal Blogs ( we will assist with any setup and design as needed for team members as well)
    8. Google+ (For SEO mainly, its a ghost town there these days)
    9. Others as you please such as Vine, Tumblr, other forums and so on. A full top 25 Social Media Platforms list will be provided at some point.
  4. Where can I learn more about the Unofficial Dash Social Media Team?
    1. We are writing up a biography of how Dash Nation and the Dash Social Media Team we’re formed as well as how we expect to operate, but first and foremost we are here to spread content, so we thought we should get the Dash Feed up ASAP. Look for more to come soon.
  5. Is there anywhere I can learn more about using Social Media?
    1. there is a guide in the works but for now just join us on Dash Nation on Discord and we’ll answer any and all questions you have pertaining to social media within minutes.
    2.   Here is a great guide to start off with though: