Welcome to Dash Nation. Join the conversation!

A community is only as good as its people. Dash Nation has members from all types of nationalities, backgrounds, financial means, education and more. It is truly a worldwide community, which is fitting since the goal of Dash is to become a digital cash used all over the world.

Please, join us! Got an idea to share, a thought to give, or just want to hang out and learn more about Dash? We recommend the following three places:

Dash Nation on Discord

This is where you can join the conversation in real time. There are always folks around to help you learn about all aspects of this amazing digital currency. All topics regarding Dash have a channel where you can truly get involved, or simply hang out and take in the info until you’re ready to join in the conversation. For your invitation to Dash Nation on Discord, see the invite link below!

Dashpay Subreddit (r/Dashpay)

A fun place to visit for information and conversation with other Dashers awaits you in the Dashpay subreddit (r/dashpay). Join Amanda B. Johnson and other regular posters there, and you will always be in the know about Dash!

Dash Forum

The Dash.org Forum is a message board style of communication medium. This is the place with the highest concentration of Dashers in Dash Nation. Many meaningful conversations have taken place here over the years. If this type of format is your style, head on over to Dash.org!

Three great choices for joining Dash Nation in bringing Dash into the worldwide stage. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you!